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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Building a home for Zachery!

Zachery is starting to get some legs under him and a tail.  I'm still not sure if I'll bead his head separately, or if I'll just bead his head as part of his body and attach as a whole...still debating..hence, the 2nd head you see here!

I have my background design worked out for his new home...might be hard to see but here's a rough draft below.

Zachery will be sitting on the hill below the larger trees...I dyed a piece of yellow for the sky and found some cool red fabric I had with me for the trees (I best not mess up because I don't have any large piece left of this!)  and a small scrap of purple/green will become the trunk of the trees.  You can see the fabrics and  a partial layout below.

....the only issue I had was what color/fabric to use for the hill (that's the rounded area under the tree trunks) today my Q Buddy, Susan, and I met up for a treat at Panera's then off to JoAnn's.   We did find a cool piece of batik type fabric that would look good as a "hill"...but then Susan mentioned the new Quiltmaker magazine was all about hexes!  It's funny because earlier this week I laid my finished panel of purple hexes (you can see the strip here) against the yellow sky and the hexes looked really nice.  SO.....when I got home I cut out some 1 and 2 inch paper hexes and started basting them.
The orange/green/pink is the fabric we bought today.  It really will look good as a stand alone 'hill' but I am going to continue to make some hexes and see if I they'll work!  Don't know if you don't try!  I can always use them  in something else or follow one of the patterns in the magazine!  They won't go to waste, that's for sure!   Thanks for the idea, Susan!  I think!  


  1. Ooooo I LOVE the background and trees you are doing .....great colour choices!

  2. Exciting to get to this stage- nice choices! Very Seuss-like.


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