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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend starting

No I didn't make these yesterday (I made lots of these about a year or so ago..just search for 'ring' on my blog and you'll see most of them). I made a matt black one for myself while watching the final show of 'Into the West last night'!  We loved that series as well as 'Hell on Wheels'.  Really good shows.  Now we're going to be watching all the other TV series that we Tivo'd while watching baseball! 

And, tada!  My hex strip is finished!  Yippee!
 Just because it's fun to count (with a calculator that is! Well, I run out of fingers!)...there are 8 one inch hex's in each row and 28 rows!  That's a total of 224 hex's!  I'm going to put the strip along with some fabrics I want to use in my project bag to take to Florida.  I still have hand work to do on my patchwork piece so I'll have something to work on at night. 
With the holiday's approaching and Christmas shopping, packing, planning, I don't see me completing this piece or my Peter Max/Dr. Seuss (for our fiber group) until Florida.  I do have to finish the snap bags I'm quilting but I need to buy some more metal tape measures!  I used up my last one!
Today I'm going to get busy making some Thanksgiving dishes as the kids are coming up for an early Thanksgiving dinner.  Darrin and family are going to Mexico with the kids and Dawn and Jeff go to his family for Thanksgiving.  Kris usually does the Thanksgiving dinner for the families but this year she'll get a break. 
I'm looking forward to making dinner for the kids...haven't made a Thanksgiving dinner in years and years for them!!!
So off I go...don't forget the Small Paws Rescue online auction!!!  I'm bidding on 3 items right now...hope I get them!!


  1. Enjoy a lovely dinner with family. I too am going to make Thanksgiving this year for my family and I cannot wait. I haven't made it in years since we always go to my brothers. This year I put my foot down!

  2. Happy early Thanksgiving dinner with family. Your hexes are coming along quite beautifully. Travelling projects are a good thing...