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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Girls Night Out

Hard to tell what this is's the empty wine tasting containers!  Yep, there was wine, some tasty treats and LOTS of women last night at Holly's Ladies Night Out!

I met Alice and we headed to the Holly Village office to pick up our tote bag.  Along with over hundreds of other women!   This is just a small shot of the line of women waiting to sign up for our bag.

The bag contained lots of GREAT items like a Toothbrush!  A Sewing kit!    Is that funny or what!  I think it was great for the store owners to provide the bags...honest, I do.  I just thought those two items were funny!  My bag is still full of advertisements from all the different businesses in the downtown area.  I really didn't know they had so many different and very unique stores.  One of the best stores was Great Lakes Market Place (107 S. Saginaw St.), which sells only made in Michigan items.

This is the inside of that store which is filled with just unusual and unique items.  They even had flutes and clarinet's that were made into lamps!  Who knew!  Beautiful pottery and of course lots of food items made in Michigan.  Some of which, I've purchased on my Sunday trek w/Mary at the Grand Blanc Market.

I did buy a few treats at the Market Place...but I was so hungry on the way home I ate one pretzel stick!  I was good at only eating one!  And I was nice and offered Bob one when I got home.  We have these left over! 

Alice and I did sample wines at a few of the stores and we both purchased a bottle.  Of course, I'm a Merlot kinda gal so I bought this one.  It's brewed at the Fenton Winery which isn't that far away. 

I don't think of going to winery's in our area....I know there's one in Burton too....guess I need to start checking those out.  Maybe Alice and I will have to meet at a winery next!  But...we need to eat before or after!  I ended up having some peanut butter toast when I got home! 

Thanks, Alice!  I had a fun evening!  Look forward to our next 'girls day/night out'!


  1. 2 uelspaWhat a fun event! We don't have enough stores in South Bend to make it go..They are scattered in clusters around the University and high end homes. I really miss a busy downtown area.

  2. These wine tastings are lots of fun. Our little town does this and it is called "Uncorked". We also have wonderful wineries and wine tours all over our area. Fun to visit the local stores and see what is offered. Blessings...


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