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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boy, am I embarrassed!

Golly!  Am I embarrassed or what!!!!  My sister said I've led a "sheltered life" and I guess so!  On my post yesterday I put a picture of an 'item' my hubby and his friend found on the golf course.  I won't repeat what I posted, if you didn't read it you can by clicking here

So, I also posted on my FB page a picture of the 'item' and asked if anyone knew what it was.  My sister called me last night laughing hysterically!  I mean really hysterically!  She said her daughters (Erin/Kelli) were also laughing along with her.  In between my sister's laughter she let me know what the 'item' is!  Are you ready!!!

It's a container for a  "one hit weed" smoke. OMG!

 I would never have thought of that and didn't!  Some of the comments on my post were:  toothpick or cigarette holder, or for packing snuff!  Even a golf tee holder!  I did wash out the 'item' and also soaked the holes with alcohol...yes, I'm using it for holding needles!  

For those of us who didn't know what this was,  I think we must live under a rock! Or are sheltered!  I just want to know how those who "knew" what this item was, how did they know it!!  Now that's a good question!!  I'll be sure to question my sister and nieces when I see them next!  Until then, my face is still red!  And it's not from sunburn!  


  1. omg..... :-D
    I had no idea, and grew up in the era when I *should* have had an idea! LOL!!!!!
    You just have to roll with it.


  2. If you didn't tell me, I would never have known.

  3. I had no idea and I used to be a pothead! LOL

  4. Well...line me up in the naive group with you...I had not a clue!! Very funny!!!

  5. Well, I never did smoke the wacky weed so I didn't have a clue. And yeah, how did your sis know what it was...LOL

  6. Well...we do learn something each and every day don't we. I am glad we are those who did not know what this is for.

  7. Well from another under-the-rock dweller, I must say this is a long way from a toothpick or tee holder! Too funny. Let that be a lesson in picking up stray stuff!

  8. Did they say they actually smoked out of it or stored the dubbies in it? It looked like a great pin holder to me. She said all innocent like.

  9. I'm under the same rock.......

  10. I wouldn't have guessed it either and I should probably have known (due to a somewhat misspent youth...ssshhhh). How funny!


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