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Friday, November 30, 2012

Max'd out!

Well, I'm not really "max'd out" but getting there!  You'll understand later in this post!   Carol and I took Mary out to lunch today for her birthday!  We had a nice visit and even had some show & tell...but I didn't take pics of those! 
Mary is on the right and I think she enjoyed her lunch.  It was really good!  So I did 'max' out on food!


On the way home I picked up another one of my beaded pieces that I had framed!  I love this little bird...the quilted/beaded piece measures 8 1/2" x 11".  You can see the first piece I just had framed here

I hung both pieces together just to see how they look.  Now I need to finish the other four pieces...I'm doing hand embroidery work on the quilted background leaves on each piece so it will take me sometime to finish the other four.   Maybe I can finish in Florida and have them framed there or when we get back in the spring.

Now to get to "max"!

This is one of my dye tables set up with my print paste and dyes ready to mix up!  I need to paint a background piece for Peter Max and the Inspired by Exhibit. 

I found this image that was created in Photoshop by Rick Thiemke.  Rick is photographer and Fine Art artist that manipulates some of his photographs in Photoshop.  I was taken by his Tribute to Peter Max piece and email Rick asking if I could use his photo.  He graciously agreed and I can't wait to get this piece finished!  I'm hoping it will turn out as the picture in my mind!
I poster printed Rick's image on Tyvek fabric in four pieces then sewed them together.  The Tyvek fabric sews easily even if you're hand stitching.  Next I'm going to paint the pattern area so it's even brighter, using fluid acrylic paints or whatever else I have in the colors I want.  Next I'll cut out the design area and stitch to the painted background (that's the white fabric on the bottom waiting for it's color!).   I'll paint the white piece using only blues, purple and oranges to mimic the corner areas you see above.  That's the plan!

Once the entire piece is quilted then I'll burn areas!  Scary part but you have to take risks, right!    I've shown the piece below on another post.  This is the same method I'll use on my Peter Max...paint tyvek, stitch down, sandwich and quilt then burn!

I'm hoping Peter Max turns out....Rick has some other really cool pictures that I'd like to transpose to fabric!   Maybe doing some screen prints of his design onto fabric!   Let's hope what I see in my mind can be put to fabric!!  Thanks again, Rick! 

So now that the the 1st of the winter holiday is over with, I hope to get back to some art work! 


  1. Happy BD Mary! Love your beaded work and your Max piece looks very cool. I think I'll go play with tyvek.

  2. The depth of your talents continue to inspire me....

  3. Your framed pieces look great together. Good motivation to complete the others! The next project... very stimulating and adventursome. Will be fun to see the end product, but also watch as you take it there.

  4. Oh -- gorgeous! I can't wait to see the Peter max thing. And I love the framed pieces!

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