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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So what is it?

My hubby is always bringing me things home that he finds (mostly on the golf course!). 
He brought this home a few weeks ago one of his buddies picked up on the golf course.  Bob and I don't throw anything out so of course he brought it home for me thinking I could use it. 

And he's right I will use it!

You can see the lid twists around so I thought it perfect for my needles. 

And of course, since it's made in the USA you know I'm going to keep and use it!!

But what do you think it "REALLY" is???  I know what my hubby's friend told him it was but I'm curious if anyone else knows. 

It measures 1 1/2" wide x 3" long.

And my tree and decorations are all up!!!  Yippee!!!  In fact, I got on this cleaning kick and threw out LOTS of old decorations and other items that were in our storage area.  Bob finished off our family room and made a nice closet under the stairway so it's perfect for storing all the Christmas and other holiday items.  But now I have lots more space.  My car is filled with items to take to Goodwill so Amber and I will do that after I pick her up from school this afternoon.  Sun is out so a good day to be productive!  Gotta love that sun!  I won't get any sewing done as I have to leave in an hour but tonight is a good TV night so I hope to hand stitch on my patchwork piece.  Enjoy the day!


  1. I was going to guess cigar holder until you gave the size. Now I will think snuff/chewing tobacco. Since it was on the golf course I will think it held wooden golf tees. Oh the curiosity of it all...
    Looks like you are ready for Christmas.

  2. I'm going with the tee case. Is that a hole on top to shake a tee out? Interesting. I'm off to google that!

  3. Size-wise I'd have said a toothpick dispenser. But who really needs one of those! The tee dispenser idea sounds like it might be on target. So curious...


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