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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fabric, Friends, Food & Fun!

In between nights eating out...yea, that again!  I have been making snap bags...

Made this one....

And these.....

And this one!

OK, so I might quit for the time being...although, you just never know do you!!!  They have all been given away to special family and friends!

And check out what I got in the mail last week!!  More beads!!! These are from my blogger friend, Sherry, over at Createology!  And isn't the color of the beads perfect for Zachery!!  I sure think so!!!

I love all the colors of green in this bag. Thank you, Sherry!!!!

I went through separating beads for three other folks that I thought could use some of Susan's donation!  Last Monday I sent a box onto one of my friends who does crazy quilting.  She did receive her box and I know will put them to good use.  I also made up two more packages to give to some other ladies.   Thanks again, Susan!  You've made several of us very happy!  So nice to share my good fortune with others!

And just because I'm behind in posting nights out with friends...this was last Wed. night at our favorite Mexican hang out!  El Toreo's 99 cent margarita night and great food to boot with great friends!  

This is Karah and Howard enjoying a brew with us!  Neither of them took advantage of the 99 cent margarita and instead chose a Mexican beer and a Paloma.  Yes, this is the Karah and Howard who introduced me to Paloma's at their open house.  You can read about it here.   

And last night, we took them to the Freezer, picking up Larry and Jan along the way!  And yes, I had my 'margarita' a plastic cup with salt on the rim!!  How'd they do that!!
Yes, our buddy posing for his picture!
A plastic cup with salt on the rim!!
Yes, the shrimp really are that big, Howard!!
Beautiful Jan with hubby!

We just love going to The Freezer Tiki Bar!!!  Such a quaint, local hangout!  Paper cups, Styrofoam containers to eat out of!  What memories we've had with great friends!  

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of our tour around Homosassa!  Due to the knowledge of Jan & Larry!  They always give us a tour when visiting in their area!   

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  1. You have a bounty of beads and sharing is very generous of you. Love your eating out chronicles. Spending time with friends is such a joyful part of our journey. Sunshine Smiles Dear...


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