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Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm still here in sunny Florida!

Yep...we're still here and will be in Florida until May 2nd!  Kayla is graduating from Ball State U on May 4th so instead of driving home then back to Indy for graduation we'll just head north and meet up with the family to celebrate...only problem or issue was with  Kalee and Grace.  I think Kalee is set as I found a cool doggie daycare/boarding place, Happy/Clean/Smart,  in Munice for her.  Now it's figuring out what to do with  Grace!  Let's face it...she won't fly away (even though Bob wishes she would)!  She just doesn't even fly anymore......but that will be another blog post I'm sure.

I finished Zachery's to get my background fabric/design ready.  I'll bead his legs/arms (not sure that's what they are!) onto the background, then attach his body and finish up with the head and tail.  What fun to do!

This week has been busy again..yes, more eating out!  Last night Bob decided we'd go to the restaurant in the community and we ended up having dinner with Pat and Patricia!   So nice to run into friends and share time and stories with them.  Thanks, P&P!  We really enjoyed our dinner conversation!  And of course the food was delicious too!

Earlier this week, I met Betty from the Weaver's group that used to meet here in Ocala....we didn't meet up last year but I had a present for Betty so I wanted to make sure I got with her!  and this is why!  I wanted Betty 1 to meet Betty 2!

I made Betty a few years ago for our MQAI traveling exhibit and knowing Betty1 liked Betty Boop who better than to have her!  Betty 1 has a room with Betty Boop articles, so I'm hoping Betty 2 will find a new home with new friends!  Betty 1 and I had a nice breakfast visit and will have to make a point to get together next year earlier!!   And she'll have to let me know how Betty 2 is doing!

This is the full shot of Betty2....
 Yes, I had to add beads!

I painted Betty 2 on fabric that was cut/woven/fused to create the background...then I used a decorative stitch to sew down the woven pieces.
Now onto yesterday,  I met up with another friend, Kay S., from Quilts + Color...I'll be posting pictures of our lunch and some of her wonderful hand dyed fabrics tomorrow!!!  Plus, wait until you see the cafe where we had lunch (a really good lunch too!).  What a fun place!

Until tomorrow!!! Enjoy the day...sun is shining, breeze is blowing and hubby is golfing!  Can't ask for more!


  1. Zachery is looking quite wonderful with his beaded body. Betty and Betty are quite the match. Your beading and detail stitching really bring this quilt to life. Very Betty Boop-Boop-A-Doop! Sunshine Smiles...

  2. Good progress- his body is l-o-n-g! Betty Boop is home at last, and sounds as if she'll have lots of company in her new Boop-room. It turned out wonderfully.


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