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Friday, April 19, 2013

Background finished

Zachary's home is at least all finished (16" x 20)!  Quilting and facing all to finish beading Zachary!!  Because of us traveling and packing I may not put Zachary on the background until we get never know where my quilts will end up on the ride home!!

So now I can start on finalizing my design for the 12" block exchange I'm in with five other ladies.  I need to make six blocks either the same or similar to exchange with five other ladies.  I have put some ideas to need to finalize!


  1. This is just vibrant! A background worthy of Zachary. It gets better and better. Packing?? So soon?? Doesn't it seem as if you just got here?

  2. Fabulous...been gone for 5 days so I couldn't cheer you on..... It's really such a great piece!

  3. Love this! The colors are fabulous, but I really like the trees!


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