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Sunday, April 7, 2013


This past Friday, Kay and I were able to coordinate our schedules and meet for lunch!  And what a fun time we had!!

We met at BD Beans Cafe in Bellview (on 441)...what a unique place!!  I loved it...and the food was exceptional as well.  It was really fun to sit and chat with Kay and see some of her hand dyed/shibori/painted fabric in person!  I'm only putting a few of the pics I took as a tease for you to check out her blog here.

This is a quilt Kay made from her own design she had printed through Spoonflower.  Isn't it cool!  And as a bonus, you can purchase her fabric on the Spoonflower web site here.

I really like the design Kay came up with and the layout of this piece is wonderful.  The blue is so much more beautiful than what shows in this picture.
And, yes, that's Kay peaking out from the top of her quilt top!  I know, I know...never take a picture of a head or feet showing!  But, "it's my blog, and I can do what I what to"....

This is another shibori piece Kay dyed..I love, love the black/white/red!!!  Again, it's so much nicer in person!  Kay did bring along some other fabrics she had printed on Spoonflower from her own painted and quilted pieces, but you'll have to go to her blog to see them!  It's a treat to see how much Kay accomplishes in a week's time...even with her company and traveling!  My kind of lady!!!

Of course, Kay said that I had to see the bathroom at BD for my followers on this blog, you know how I love to see bathrooms at businesses and home glam'd up!  You can see here and here on my blog.  Well, this one at BD Beans was certainly glam'd up!

Check out these pictures!!   I'm sure you'll see why we had such a good time!  Thanks for recommending BD Beans, Kay!  Can't wait to go back!!

As you come into the bathroom on the right you see this!

These are hung to the left of the small table above

Have you ever seen a window decorated this much!

And the sink area!
This is a dining room behind where Kay and I sat.


  1. What fun your lunch looks like! And the bathroom looks like a carnival!

  2. What a great time, and those fabrics are wonderful. I've heard about BDBeans, but have not made it there yet.

  3. You really do have the most fun with friends and going out to interesting places. Lovely fabrics Kay designs. Friends lengthen our lives...


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