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Monday, April 1, 2024

Easter 2024

Well, another amazing brunch put on my our DIL, Kris!  She and Darrin always entertain and do a wonderful job of it!  Darrin did make sausage patties, links and the best bacon on their blackstone outside...Dawn made mushroom quiche and her famous cinnamon scones!  Kris made everything much food!  And she made enough for 16!  Her family all came so we had 16 for brunch and we all got to take home food!!!  For those on FB, you'll have already seen these pics....I have to include because this is my 'diary' that I print out yearly!  Something for me to look at when I'm in the nursing home!  

My lovely grand daughter, Amber!  What more can I say.  She was the reason I retired so I could watch her one day a week!  Which I did, along with watching her brother for almost 15 years!

My grandson, who doesn't always smile, but I do so love him anyway!  Just his thing...I believe they teased him so much when he was younger to "smile" that he now carries that on - not smiling.  I do have pics of him smiling.

And Braylon, his girlfriend, who is a doll.  They are so cute together.  And yes, he smiles with her a lot!

And my favorite Son-in Law, Jeff!  Always has a smile on his face!
check out the lamb cake Kris' mom made!  And his bunny tail is made of a Marshmallow.  And the lemon cake was delicious!!!  As was her chocolate cake!  
They were all so good!!  I purchased the cake from BobbieCakes here in Goodrich!  It was white chocolate cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting! good!

My son gave me the Hydrangea and Dawn got me the Muscari plant.  Once it is done blooming, I'll plant it in the fall!  A cool plant I've not had before!
 The dessert table was full!  3 cakes and a Easter cookies Kris made!
So hard to choose what to put on your plate first!

My babies!  My daughter is headed off to Italy and Scotland for 4 weeks!!!!  She is the traveler!  Loves it and with her being able to work from anywhere, she can still keep her clients up to date!

Darrin is a great cook as well...he did the meats for this brunch.  He always makes the main meat course for BBQ and dinners!  YUM!  They are both the best kids ever!

So glad to have kids close enough and Kris family to enjoy time with!!!!  Another wonderful time in the memory book!

Kris sets a beautiful table for 12!  We had 16 for brunch!  The young adults (4) sat at the high top table in the kitchen area, near all the food!

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  1. What a great celebration. The food is always incredible at your gatherings! Love how your top looks. Nice work on that project.


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