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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Back at it


Yep, my sister and I are back at knitting a project together again.  It's always fun to work with my sister.  What one of us doesn't "get" working a pattern, the other one has it all figured out.  Just seems the older we get, we're not so good at 'reading' instructions.  HA  Thank goodness to be able to bounce ideas off each other. 

We are both working in blue, although, my sister's is a pretty blue vs mine is more a demin blue. 

Picture are all out of order...this is showing the medium lace pattern we're working on.

Yarn color is deceiving in this picture.  The bottom pattern is slightly larger and is only at the bottom.  There are small lace patterns on the sleeves, otherwise, the body has about 5 or 6 medium lace patterns.

This is a linen yarn by Yumiko, who also created the pattern.  I completed her Whitecaps that I wore at Easter.  Her instructions are very clear and she offers tips and assistance on her FaceBook page.  First time I have used Linen and so far I like working with it.

all the pics are out of order and I'm too lazy to reorganize them  Sorry...anyway, To wrap the skeins in balls, I use this old thread storage container.  

I can stretch the doors open to hold the yarn for me to wind!  Works good  The blue does show up better in the photo above and in this one.

I choose the blue vs the white since I already made a cover top in white.  I think this pattern will show up nice with a white tank top under it (to show off the lace pattern) and wearing with white pants or even jeans.  Target date if 4th of July!  HA
Fingers Crossed


  1. Another pretty one. I bet that linen feels nice and soft in your hands.

  2. Love the color of that yarn. I have the niftiest yarn winder that my dad made me. I will have to post a picture of it tomorrow on my blog. You sure came up with a great way of winding yarn! That cabinet is very cool! I would like to see more pictures of it!


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