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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Agave Finished!

 Well, I didn't make Mother's Day but I finished my top in time for Memorial Day/Labor Day!  HA Honestly, Yumiko's patterns are wonderful to knit.  This is my 2nd top pattern from her and I'm looking forward to knitting another one.

The lace work shows up so well with a white tank top under it.  What I like about this pattern and Yumiko's other patterns are you can wear with a tank top or a turtle neck!  

I tried on a blue/white type necklace but I think the white necklace above looks so much nicer.

Too bad I can't get a good color of the yarn.  It's a blue, called pacific tone, but so much prettier in person.  The yarn has some purple in it along with the blue so gives a pretty sheen to it.

Color is better can see some of the lace sleeve...better pic below.
The front has an extra large lace pattern on the bottom to give a little design separation.

The back just has large lace patterns, which look so nice.  

This color isn't correct either but you get to see the lace pattern!

Hard to see but there are shades of purple along with blue in the yarn.  This is from Yumiko's web page.

So now to decide what pattern to do next...although, I have two projects to work out that are not knitting.  I'll be posting on them later this month.  


  1. Oh, lovely work, Robbie! That is a very flattering top and the complexity of the lace stitches make it look very high end. Well done. I agree- the white necklace in the first photo makes more of a statement/accent with your top. Lovely.

  2. Beautifully done.

  3. The tope turned out absolutely beautiful! The lacy design is wonderful! Your knitting skills are amazing!


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