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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mother's Day 2024

 We had another wonderful Mother's Day brunch made by my daughter, Dawn!  She's a special lady and daughter and a great cook to boot!  

This was the menu and it was fabulous!

Dawn and Jeff gave me this beautiful Hydragena plant!  I have one Dawn gave me years and years ago, which I planted out front.  I think it gets too much sun during the day so this one I'm planting on the East side.  

I have another plant Darrin & Kris got me for Easter and it will be planted in the same area.

And NO I didn't get one picture....I wasn't feeling'll see why later in this post.

Darrin and Kris got me one of those Digital Slideshow Photo Frames.  I loaded some pics to it already.  I'm keeping it in my sewing room so I can have the slideshow running while I sew!  I love it!

We did miss Bob...he had cataract surgery earlier in the week and was not comfortable moving around or trying to see.  His surgical eye is 20/20 but he has to wear some old glasses, which causes his eyes/mind confusion!  He did try the clear lens but that didn't work out so he's using an old pair of glasses from about 6 years ago.  The only ones that work for now.  He gets his 2nd eye done on the 22nd this month.  So fingers crossed he'll be a happy camper soon!

On another 'sick/health' note...I came down with a terrible allergy attack around the beginning of May.  I finally went to urgent care on the 5th.  UGH...AND I still have it....sinusitis/rhinitis/sneezing/runny nose.  I am so sick of this and I feel terrible...just wiped out.  Dr told me to take Allegra D for a month!  Then to switch to regular Allegra for the rest of the summer.  I also shared what I had with Bob for a few days.  He did get over this runny nose and sneezing after about 3 days.  Pollen is very high in our area...when will it snow!!!!


  1. Brunch sounds like it was delicious! Sorry to hear about your allergy problems. Hope you and Bob both feel better soon.

  2. As always, your celebrations are yum fests! The allergies- Jack had them this year for the first time in almost the very same way as you. They really do sap your energy somehow. And they lasted and lasted. We were told Flo-Nase every morning. Hope you'll be improving soon.


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