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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Summer Project 3!

 The 2nd Project I'm working on is embroidery on black linen.  Judy Coats Perez has been showing her beautiful embroidery work, which she refers to as "Mindful Stitching".  I ordered some black linen and thought I would make a scarf for my daughter's BD in September or Christmas if I can't finish in time!  

I got out some old quilting designs and started tracing on black linen (I washed the linen first).  These pictures are my practice piece!

I may keep this one for myself or give it to a friend...depends on if I every finish it.  I just wanted to play around with stitching and getting the feel of working with linen.

This is the piece I am making for my daughter's September BD (or for Christmas if I don't finish in September!).

I just can't get the background black fabric to show up black in a photo!!!  I've looked at different settings but I need to ask my photographer daughter how can I do that!  She doesn't know about this project and I know she doesn't read my I'm safe!  HA

Here is the finish area at one end of the scarf.  The scarf is around 13"x50".

This was another section I started but I wasn't happen with the what to do!  Rip it out...I have to say it's easier to rip out knitting than embroidery work.

I'm using Pearle Cotton #5.  Judy uses 5 strand embroidery floss.  I just wasn't having the success or look with the floss so switched to Pearle cotton.

Whew!  This took awhile to clean up!  That tweezer and pick were a gift from my Q Florida Bud, Susan!  They sure came in handy on this ripping out project!!!  

Susan does the most beautiful workmanship when making her quilts.  You can see some of her work here and here.  I have posted her work on my blog over the years.  I do miss her too!!!

Colors of thread aren't appearing very pretty either.  Tons of stitching yet to do...but it is very pleasant to just sit and stitch.
As long as I don't have to rip out!

Happy with this piece now.  Whew!  Those threads are hard to rip out!

Here are some finished or almost finished add'l areas.

Back to project #1 or should it be #2 or stay with #3!  HA


  1. You have a nice variety of projects going on! The stitching on the scarf is beautiful! I am assuming you saw it on Judy's blog? I will have to go check it out.

  2. Wow, that's pretty, Robbie! Black linen- do you find it a challenge with visibility? Also, you mentioned tracing- are you familiar or have you used a product called Stick & Stitch? I just got some but have yet to try it. It's printable, sticks on, then washes away. Although washing black linen may not be so desirable. I was just thinking that it might be easier on the eyes (if that's an issue at all.)


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