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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Summer Project 2!

 Working on three different projects isn't easy...well, it is easy since I get bored easily so I like going from project to project.  HA

Honestly, I don't like projects hanging over my head and I know the 3 I am working on will get finished by Christmas at the latest...  

These are the hex's I am working on for the border on the Cyano Print fabric my friend, Bonnie sent me months ago!

When I have some free time, I work on the hex's.  I'm now working on sewing three rows together for the border.  I need 3 because half of the last row will be in the border.  I have two rows to sew a third hex to each border.

This was the piece after I cut it up and added 1/8" strips.

I have to say making hex's is also "mindful" stitching...

I keep changing placement of hex's and deciding how to put this piece together!

Well, at least at this point, I am thinking of  hex's for the border...but ya all know me well enough to know that can change!  If I do change, then I'll have tons of hex's to sew together for a top!  HA

Time for me to go back to project #1 or is it project #3!

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