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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Happy 21st BD present

 On Sunday (8/2), Bob and I will be joining the family to celebrate our grand daughter's 21st BD!  I am so excited!  It seems like yesterday she was born and now she's 21!!! 

This will be a boring post for anyone who stops by but I wanted to have pictures of each page of the photo journal I made for Amber.  It starts off with her sonogram and pictures from the past 21 years with some notes on each page! 
Kids today have their pictures on their phones, onedrive or elsewhere so I think it will be nice for Amber to have some of her 'younger' year pictures in an album as well as more current ones.  Each birthday, I'll print out pictures from the past year and give to her to put in the album!

 I also have a Time Capsule that contains items from her mom's baby shower from June 1999!  And each birthday since Amber was born I would write a birthday letter.  Each letter is sealed with the date on the front and contains memories of what we/she/her family did that year.  She knew I did this every year but she never knew when she would get the letters.  So this is my documenting this 21st birthday in my post!

The yellow sheets are two emails I saved that my son wrote to me back in 2000!

The newspaper and tickets are from Amber's first circus I took her to.  It was also my 55th BD!

If you can what's on the paper...touching..from 2004 I think.

The paper is from Oxford in 2010 when Amber was in a play at school!

Hard to see the the receipt (paper) but it's $60 in food Amber received free from Kroger's!  She used an app at Kroger.  The kids took the food to the Oxford food bank and they allowed the kids to put the food items on the shelves! 

right page was Sienna Heights coaches signing Amber to play Lacrosse in college 

The top left picture is the day Amber was born and her last day of high school!

This page is from 2020...the bottom right pics is my table and the envelopes I kept pictures in for each year.  I uploaded and printed out 200!

I already had some pictures printed of some quilts and other items I have made Amber through the years so I just put them at the end of the journal for her.


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