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Monday, August 10, 2020

Stitched Collage 2 con't

A few weeks ago I posted on how I started on my 2nd stitched collage.  This was the stencil I cut out and fused onto my printed paper background. 

From that point, I stamped some leaf prints on top and finished it by free motion quilting only on the stamped leaves.

This was the finished piece...nothing I decided to cut it up by playing with editing the picture of the finished piece. 

I sliced the original 9"x12" into two sections and attached to a white canvas.

   I used #5 Perle Cotton yarn and poked through the canvas using my handy, dandy thimble pad (you can see that post & link on how to make one here).   I knew that thimble would come in handy!  

It really worked!  I did punch small holes in the canvas and the paper stencil but it was so easy to push the needle/thread through vs struggling with pulling on the needle.

And this was my end result!  I'm quite happy with how this piece turned out and I like it so much better cut vs being a whole piece.  And now on to the next lesson which is photo collage!


  1. I like it, too! As they always say, it all about the layers.

  2. I love everything about your new direction…these two pieces are sublime ….color, pattern, size, finishes…..Yeah for Robbie!!


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