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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Knitting update!

 First we had a great 21st BD celebration this past Sunday with Amber and the family!  She really liked her photo journal and the other items I've saved her over the past 21 years.  We even had a tear shed talking about some of the memories we had together.  I'm taking lunch for our social distance get together with Amber, her mom and my daughter on Friday.  We're going to look/read some of the 21 letters I written over the years...for each of her BD's.  I haven't a clue what I wrote back in 2000!

AND, my son has saved over the years two dollar bills his father used to give him for his BD each year.  He's now passed away but Darrin saved them and gave them to Amber for her 21st BD.  Yes, that was another tear jerker!!  We were all in tears!  Such a thoughtful gesture for Darrin to do.

I finished another shawl and starting on a new lace shawl.

This is a larger Beadkerchief from the last one I made and is a 'before' shot!  HA

All blocked and ready to wear!

Not sure why I'm making these scarves/shawls to wear since we don't go to Florida  anymore and can't eat out now due to the virus!  They are great for throwing over your shoulder when in the cool restaurants...oh well..maybe one of these days!

And the start of another lace pattern, Clarus, by Laura Nelkin.  I love her patterns and hope this winter to make some jacket or sweater.

This is fun to work on and I'm knitting this entirely from a chart, which I've never done before!

We had a week off from our MIP class and I've been waiting for my new pencils to arrive, which should happen this week!!!  Then on to doing my lessons in between,  laundry, walking, grocery shopping, cooking, more cooking and more cooking...yada, yada!  Normal life for a woman, right!


  1. Lucky Amber, that is the best birthday present ever.

  2. What a wonderful and meaningful celebration, pandemic or not! Your knitting is coming right along nicely- those yarns are yummy. New art supplies- yay!!

  3. WOW…what a wonderful pass along family gesture! AND I gotta say, your shawl is most impressive!


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