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Friday, August 28, 2020

Photo Collage Design Work 4

Not sure why I haven't posted in a while....we are doing the 'stay at home' thing except for grocery shopping, vet visits, and pharmacy...but I sure am busy!  Still walking 2 miles with my neighbor, weather permitting or our schedules permitting.  We do get in at least 5 days of walking, which is good for both of us. 

This was a picture I took of the Goodrich Mill Pond last week when my neighbor and I took a walk uptown.  Today I finished another photo collage piece #4 using this picture!


Woo hoo...this was hard because my crayons, Gelato's and pencils were not covering very well on some of my papers.  I think some of the problem was the paints I used to make the papers as well as the wax medium I used on some of the other papers.  But it was still a good exercise for me.  Is it perfect, heck no, but I had fun with it. 

I was trying to blend in some of the grasses and the lilly pads in the water.

More blending  on the clouds, water and sky

My finished piece which measures 9"x14"  I'm happy with the results although I need to add some more tree limbs to the far left tree!   But I may just leave as is...the effort was a good lesson in itself!

Our next lesson is to take one of our favorite collage designs and replicate it on to batting or felt (using papers) so we can do some stitching on the piece.  I'm going to use my leaf piece I showed last.  I really like the piece and hope I can replicate it!  I may have to reprint/stamp/dye more papers!  Yikes!  Or I may just change up the colors totally!  Who knows!


  1. Your collages really require a lot of effort to get them where you want them to go! I look forward to seeing how the foliage one does on the batting. Interesting process.

  2. Wonderful...hard to tell where the photo ends and your pencil work begins...good job!

  3. Wow, You've done an amazing job, it looks great

  4. It’s like magic…..wonderful Robbie!


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