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Friday, August 21, 2020

Photo Collage Design Work 1

Well, this was quite an interesting lesson for our MIP online class with Hilary!  I can't believe how much I learned 'what not' to do!  As well as 'less is more'!  I finished three collage design pieces and I'm satisfied with two of them and quite happy with one!  Now to go back through my pictures and start some new ones.

It's not like me to take pictures of foliage but I did that in the winter of  2017 when two of my buds (Sally & Peggy) and I walked around Sholom Park, Ocala, Florida ...thank goodness I did!

This was my final collage layout...after about 20 tries....less was more...I deleted so many different papers I was trying to use.  Taught me to not use so many!

I stamped the background piece from an arch stamp I made earlier this year.  Paper strip on right and bottom were painted earlier as well.

And the finished collage after adding pencils and crayons to enhance the picture.  This is 9"x12" and all paper.  Hubby really liked this piece.  He said it looked liked something that would be hung in a house.  Hmmmmmm

Now for the not so great but good lesson in collage/design work!

This was a  picture of a screen print I did our first year with Hilary.  I've like it and thought it would make a good whole paper piece.  The original print was 9"x12" but I printed out  3 pictures of it to 4"x6".

  Yes, I struggled...then just decided to go for it as is!  It might have turned out better had I just used one photo and made it 5"x7" or slightly larger to work with.  Another time!

Actually it didn't turn out that bad  once I added crayons/pencils, with exception of the background.    Really I think I used too many stamped/dyed/printed papers.

  Funny, but once again, Bob said he liked it!  Go figure!  Again 12" x 9"

I do remember taking a picture of this plant in the park.  I thought it was many different shades/colors.

So, first off I goofed by using an actual 'photo' print on the left instead of printing onto regular printer paper.  The right side is a photo transfer on to the paper.

Both of these photo bases were hard to add color pencils/crayons/etc. to vs using regular printer paper.

This is my finished piece with addition of color extending out from the photo's.  The background is a whole piece I dyed and stamped; left edge is remnant of a stamped feather and the leaf on top is printed onto a piece of repair tissue.

This was really a good exercise in collage design work.  Quite a struggle at times but a very good lesson!!

Now to create more!!!


  1. Amazing! I loved how you shared both sides of the story. I like the first and third best!!

  2. These are so complex and I can see it takes effort to achieve the beautiful results. I agree with Bob, the first one looks "hangable". Very appealing. You sure have delved into this online series in a very good way.

  3. That top foliage piece is my favorite! Stunning. But then I do like that bottom one too......

  4. I am loving seeing your work for this course. I think the first and third are the most successful also.

  5. This is so much fun seeing how you build your collages. I especially like the green and blue one and think you should frame it and hang it in your house.

  6. Wow Robbie, that is an exquisite artwork! These photo collages are brilliant on display. I loved the third one with excellent colour saturation and photo subject composition. The choice of backgrounds is so nice that it brings the best in colours forward. It is satisfying to see that the image contrasts match the background seamlessly.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. It's all an effort in practicing!


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