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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Margarita Korioth - Margas Crafts

Paper and fabric quilt by Margarita
I have followed Margarita's blog for the past several years and have created posts on her work on my blog.   She is a textile artist, author and teacher who works with fabric as well as with paper and fabric!

If you aren't familiar with her blog, I'm sure you have seen many articles she has written for magazines on some of her techniques (e.g. Quilting Arts, Simply Moderne).  I've loved her work but knew I wouldn't be traveling to any quilt shops, even before the Covid pandemic to take one of her classes.  How thrilled was I seeing her blog post the other day on Virtual Workshops via Zoom!!!!  

Of course I emailed Margarita immediately to inquire on two of her workshops and this is her response:

Hi Robbie,

I am offering to groups of minimum 6. Cost: $50.00 each for a 6 hour class or divided in two days, 3 hours each day. The Hand Applique with Paper class has a kit for 30.00 dollars. The Instant Paper Cloth could have a kit -17 dollars- or not.

Also offering to Guilds.

I don’t have a small group formed yet.  Will let you know. 
Stay safe

Do check out Margarita's work on her blog if you aren't familiar with  her special techniques.  And if you are familiar, send her an email ( and let her know you're interested in one of her workshops!  I can't wait!!!!

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  1. I love her work, too. I'm already taking a couple of online classes, so will wait for her next offering. Have fun!


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