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Thursday, September 24, 2009

What I'm working on

This is a picture of Mandy's BFF, Cody! He was over for his weekend visit with 'grandma and grandpa' this past weekend. I just think it's a hoot how much Mandy plays with Cody! She's such a snob with other dogs!
With heading to Florida come December, I have to get my projects finished. So the first one I'm working on is the challenge for our CCC fiber group. We were each given a piece of snow fencing and the challenge is to make something using it. Of course, my piece would be quilted so I'm working on that.
I also started quilting one of my fabrics that I used my own cut stamp on for my natuare journal for Oct. This is the piece I did in Dijanne's online stamping class. I did start quilting it and I bought some beads yesterday. The quilting I did isn't showing up and I'm thinking of painting some areas to give it the contrast it needs.

On this same note of stamping, you have to check out Ruthie Powers Next Signal Designs web site and blog. She has some great stamps and I'm looking forward to reading more on her blog about her methods and ideas. She has some cool stamps on her web site as well.

Tonight is our CCC meeting and we're going to be doing some printing using gelatin and fabric paints. Should be a fun evening and of course we meet for dinner before hand! It's still been quite warm and muggy here in good old Michigan but beats the cold winter so that's fine with me!

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