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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Date Night!

Saturday was date night and what a great date night I had! Date night with my daughter and grand kids! I got to Darrin and Kris' mid afternoon and even had time to sit and talk with them by the pool. Even Alley and A.J. got into the pictures yesterday. I knitted Amber a skirt for her American Doll last winter but forgot to give them to her. (Nick got a new matchbox car!) Alley got to wear the skirt first! This is A.J. with it on (this was taken late Sat. night).

This was Alley modeling the 'skirt'.
So as soon as Darrin and Kris left for their date night, Amber made a dash to call Auntie Dawn and say "mom and dad just left". There was a surprise the kids and Auntie had planned, which was to take grandma to dinner somewhere special. And it was! We went to Italian Gardens in Oxford for dinner! I LOVE this place. Bob and I used to go to their restaurant when it was downtown Flint. They opened another restaurant in Davision and one on Miller Road in Flint. The downtown one finally closed but then they also built in Oxford! They have the best sauce, bread,!!!
So wouldn't you know I, who always carry my camera!, left it at the kids house. Anyway, thank goodness for cell phone cameras! This was Nick rolling out his own pizza dough! Isn't that great they allow the kids to do that! The 2nd pic is Nick putting the toppings on!
The food was GREAT! And so nice I got time with Dawn. I feel so bad the kids are so busy all the time and I hate to bug them on the weekends so this was wonderful to have time with her and the grand kids! After dinner, Auntie took us to the park and the kids played for over an hour! Then to Cook's for ice cream!!! Yum!! What a great day!!!
This is Amber with her newest American Girl she got for her BD (her mom and grandma and Ginny took Amber to Chicago to American Girl store).

And just another pose with A.J. Yep, Amber's as bad as her grandma (when I was younger) at squeezing the animals! That's A.J.'s eye popping out!

I love this shot of natural. I got some of the best pictures of her last night...but NONE of Dawn and I together! What's up with that!!! I need to start taking some pics of my kids with their old mum!!!

And here's our little man! All showered and ready for bed! NOT! We did sit and read some book and magazine ads then we read each of their books in bed. That was fun as well.

I had one of the best date nights yet!!! Thanks, Amber, Nick and AUNTIE!!! I think Darrin and Kris enjoyed themselves as well. It's nice for them to get a night out and be together.

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