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Monday, September 28, 2009

Gelatin prints

First, Ian update..not new stats to post...due to rain outs but he does have a meet this week, I believe. We're pulling for you Ian!!

I did get lots accomplished yesterday. I finished my CCC Challenge using the snow fencing. I can't show the completed challenge until Nov. but here's a closeup! More to come on that. I also made two fiber postcards which I'll post tomorrow.
At our CCC fiber meeting this past Thursday, one of our ladies, Michelle, did the technique of monprinting on gelatin. This is a fun process that makes you feel like you are a kid again! I've done this type of printing a few years ago at a workshop by Deb Gash but we used paper rather then fabric. I like using the paper and pressing onto the gelatin!
So the process starts with you making up a gelatin mold (4tablespoons unflavored gelatin, 1 cup cold water, 1 cup hot/boiling water mixed into an 8"x8" pan).
After the mold sets up, you use fabric paints on top of the gelatin, use resists, draw, whatever you want to do in the paint then place your fabric on top. Easy and fun. Here are some of my pieces.
I used some leaves as resist.

I used a bath rubber shell matt and tile spacers.

Spacers and a feather


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