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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just another day - Never!

Yesterday was Amber and Nick's 1st day of school for 2009! Don't they look cute!!! I talked with them both last night and their first day went pretty well. Nick had Popsicles at school! How's that for a treat! He actually has the same teacher Amber had in 1st grade. It's date night on Sat. so I'm sure I'll hear more about their week then.

I got back two of my quilts that were made for the MQAI exhibit in 2007. The theme that year was Art of Nature. This piece is called 'Listen to Their Song'. I wanted to do some type of piece reflecting Native Americans and their songs. I used my painted and burned Tyvek technique on hand dyed fabric and photo transfers of songs and pictures (which I did get permission to use). I finished it off with hand stitching vs machine.
Closeup of main picture.

Oh, I hand braided the fibers and couched those on. It was a fun piece to make and went together pretty easily. Hand stitching took the most time.

This was my 2nd piece called 'Guitar Man' which was dye painted from a photo. I've made two quilts using photo's from this same gentleman who is located out east. He's been really good when I email asking for any photo's for a theme! Hope I can work with his pictures again sometime.

This is closeup of stitching and beading.

Yesterday, Carol and Karen dropped off their quilts for our MQAI exhibit, which we are hanging today. After they left I thought I should get dinner ready so I could sew for awhile! So I made 'smashed potatoes'...just whole potatoes w/skins, a little sour cream (fat free!), garlic and yum....

And I had some red peppers from the market and some ground turkey so...stuffed peppers were calling! I had about 1/4 cup of spaghetti sauce in the freezer so I added some ketchup and hot sauce to it and boy was that good! Yep...a little cheese on top too!

And some brochette....again, using up my last tomato from the market to which I added a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt, topped that on my sliced bread and put a slice of fresh Parmesan cheese on top...broiled and again...YUM! Really a good dinner and I got to sew for awhile on my samples for workshop!

Now I'm going to finish trimming the labels for our exhibit and meet the ladies this afternoon to hang. The opening reception is on Friday and always a nice time.

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