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Sunday, September 27, 2009

So who inspires you?

Inspiration...boy, it's all around us isn't it! I was reading about an artist who was inspired by fish skin! Yep, it's true. Fran Reed makes sculpture and baskets using fish parts. I would love to know how she recognized this 'item' as inspiration. At times I am inspired by a piece of fabric, fiber or even a piece of paper, but I am also inspired by my friends and other artists. I have to say one of the first fiber artist that taught me so much about techniques and color was Hollis Chatelain. I still have 10 pages of notes from a lecture class on threads that I took in Houston and I reference those notes often in my work. I've taken classes from some of the best, I feel, and I have learned so much from each of them. But now that I don't necessarily want to travel to the shows, I've found the Internet to be the best resource for me. I can take 'classes' and learn so much and not leave the 'farm' as they say!
My inspiration lately is from the mother and daughter team, Linda and Laura Kemshall. I have always been in awe of their work and now you can watch them on their web site! They started Design Matters TV a few months ago and I had to sign up right away! It's wonderful to be able to watch this team in action. You feel just like you're in a classroom! No, you can't ask them a question (but I bet you could email them if you did have one!) but their instructions are so clear so far I haven't had a question to ask! I have both of Linda's books (Color Moves: Transfer Paints on Fabric and The Painted Quilt) and their thr3fold Journals have so much info in them that you are inspired from the 1st page!

Last October, after being so inspired by Laura's article on mono printing, in one of the thr3fold Journals, I made the pear mono print above. My first attempt at mono printing and it was so much fun. And my art diary was another project that was inspired by this duo! This is rolling paint on your quilted piece.

I look forward to each new issue and web video. Just gives you that jump start to get inspired! I did finish my CCC challenge yesterday but I can't post pics until Nov. after our Christmas Party! Yes, it was inspired by Linda and Laura! So if you're looking for inspiration, you just have to go to their web site and check out the new Design Matters TV. So now I need to go 'surfing' and see what other inspiration I can find today!


  1. Hi Robbie, Thanks for signing up to follow my blog. I soooo agree with you on inspiration and I do love the artist you have mentioned. I will be taking a painting class with Hollis in Houston next month and just took a class with Ruth Powers last week. I started creating art quilts in 2005 so you are a bit ahead of me. I will be back.


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