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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Busy work.....

When Susan was visiting on Sunday, we talked about the blueprint fabric I took to Florida last winter but never did try. So I thought I would try it. What fun! This is the package which contains about 20 small pieces of treated fabric (8"x8"). I actually called the company with a question and the owner, Linda Stemer, called me right back. Linda was great giving me add'l tips and suggestions! Thank you, Linda!! You can see their product and other info on the process at their web site here.
Here's the piece of pretreated fabric which I pinned on foam board. Linda suggested to place pieces of felt or other material to cushion the fabric.
There's lots of glare in this picture but you'll get the idea. I laid a 'mask' holder from Tim Holtz (yep, another project I'm playing with!) on top of my fabric then placed non UV glass on top. You now place this in the sun and watch what happens.

Here's my first print! Pretty then I got thinking about an old negative print of my mum I had.

I laid the negative along with the mask holder and same process. The fabric is actually blue like the one above. The negative print didn't turn out really clear but I found out (in talking to Linda) that I actually over exposed it. I left it in the sun for about 10-15 min!

So I tired it again and this one was only in the sun for 4 min.! I put the timer on! Wow..comes out really quick. I don't think there's enough contrast in the negative but I do want to pursue using negatives. Now I just need to find some interesting negatives (garage sales? estate sales?). Now I'll try the typical leaves, etc. to make some nice prints. Sue Reno is a wonderful quilt artist who does beautiful work using this process.

So now to my mistake for the day! Yikes! I got working on my 2nd art nouveau piece, Mucha, and had to refill my bobbin...started the free motion stitching again and boy the old machine was really clunking's my stitching....looks fine...except!
I took the piece out of the machine and when I flipped it over guess what was attached! My small art nouveau piece was attached! Yikes!!
Here's the stitching I had to remove last night! I carefully picked out every stitch! ugh...yea, good TV work as I always say! Kept me busy while watching the Tigers win! and I did get to work some more on my shibori stitching. Which I would rather had done then rip out stitches...

Tuesday night I met up with my former (I didn't say old!) boss from EDS, along with another manager I had and another coworker! What fun to reminisce about the old days, the new days and what's ahead for us! I look forward to getting with them again next spring. Perhaps we'll just have a big get together with a lot of the folks we used to work with! Thanks for a great evening ladies!
Sue, former coworker; me; JET (Joyce) my 1st boss @ EDS (who turned me into a manager!) and Renee, another one of my managers @ EDS. A great group of women! All Type A's!

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