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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today is my sister's BD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Mary Ann still lives in Penna but thanks to the Internet/blog we do keep in touch. This picture was taken in the early '50' big sister! She's really not big at all! Just in years!! Hope you have a great BD!!!! Wish I could be there!!!

This was taken in 2001 when Dawn and I took a weekend trip to Penna. to visit with Mary Ann and Nancy. We had a great weekend...lots of laughs and of course great food!! It's Mary Ann's turn to come to of these days! HA

This is the original picture I cropped Mary Ann out of. Check out the old bear hug I was giving our dog! Poor thing...I didn't realize I was choking her! I just loved our animals.

I finished my 2nd Mucha (Inspired By the Master's) quilt today. Just need to sew the sleeve on and it's done. Now to start on Frankenthaler...then to make my ATC's for our exchange in January at the Weaver's Guild meeting. I have to have these finished before we leave for Florida.

This was using the Tyvek fabric, which I painted with a design; quilted the entire piece down on to the background then burned it with an iron. I think it looks like an Art Nouveau piece.

I also finished three samples for an upcoming workshop for one of the quilds. I'll post those pics this weekend sometime. I'm going to do a mini workshop on oil pastel rubbings..using found objects and some bought! It's loads of fun and you neve know what you'll get. Which I just love!

We hung the MQAI quilts yesterday and they look great. The opening reception is Friday and some of us are meeting for dinner ahead of time. It's always a nice opening which the art council puts on so I'm looking forward to seeing some folks I haven't seen in a while or new folks to meet! That's usually the case! Temps still been in the 80's the past few days...but cool nights so that's OK for sleeping. We still haven't put the air on which I like. Fresh air please!

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