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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Girls Day Out!

Before I get yakking about our girls day's a better pic of Kayla at the BSU football game on Wed. She's the pretty one with the red head band next to the their mascot, Charlie, the cardinal! This might have made their daily newspaper. Good picture of Kayla!
So on to our Girls Day Out today! Carol, Mary and I met @ 9:30 a.m. and took off to pick up the Art of Music quilts in Livonia. They've been touring for the past two years. Then we headed to Detroit to the Arts and Scraps store!

So we pull into the parking lot and look what greeted us! These were all along the fencing in the parking lot. Good use of those coffee cans and whatever else they reused!

Arts & Scraps is a store where you can find lots of 'stuff' to use in your art work, teaching name it and 'stuff' is here!! This is the entrance to the store.
This mosaic is on the left side of the sign above.

And these are on the right. Cute...

Just one of the many aisles...check out all the 'stuff'!!! You fill up a bag and whatever is in it you can purchase for $7 (for the entire bag of 'stuff')! Those who know me can certainly understand why I/we were so excited. My friends are just as bad about 'stuff' so we did each get a bag. Oh, mine cost $7.50 because I bought 3 rolls of double sided tape!

More stuff!
This is looking towards the front of the store....just more stuff!
I talked to this young lady and she teaches kindergarten. She was so excited at all her 'finds' for her class!

Here are our bags ready to pack in the car! Oh, the circle things you see will be given to our CCC fiber group this month. We wanted to share our stuff! Great use for sunprinting, stenciling..whatever! I'm sure we'll each find something different to do with them!

"Is this all we bought?"...Carol was surprised we didn't buy more! But we did have to save $$'s for our lunch which was next on the agenda!

Carol found this unique restaurant for us to eat lunch at. What a great find!!! Thanks, Carol!
Just one of the many funky decorations in this place. Quite unique with the decor for sure.

Now to the good stuff...FOOD! This was Carol's Chicken wraps (or similar in name!) which she said was really good. She also ordered some brochette and shared with Mary and I. It was fantastic!!! Sliced Parmesan cheese, a great tomato sauce and fresh grilled bread.

I ordered a turkey Reuben and it was wonderful! I took half home...just because I wanted dessert!
Mary had the Tex-Mex Lentil burger which look great! It had avocado, vegetarian burger, lettuce, tomato and other items on it. Mary said it was good!
The best part! Dessert!!! Carol had the chocolate cake with strawberries (the biggest one in the pic), Mary had blueberries/bread pudding which was soaked in Grand Marnier (smaller dish in the back) and I had the chocolate pecan pie w/ice cream, dish on the right. We each tired all three dishes and they were GREAT!!! But then there isn't a dessert I don't like! These were wonderful. I did bring home a small piece but not sure I'll share with Bob or not! OK, I will! UPDATE: BOB AND I DID SPLIT THE REMAINDER OF MY DESSERT LAST NIGHT! SOOOOO GOOD!

Our next stop was to be the Detroit Artist's Market but they were closed for the holiday! Go Carol plugged in the Scarab Club into her nav system and off we went! I took this picture on our way into the building. A stamp in the making!!! I think so!!!
This is some history behind the Scarab Club...Really an interesting place! So much history and of course I love old buildings!

This picture is from the 1920's newspaper of an event they had at the Scarab Club. What a hoot. Click on pics to see more detail!

Just some more closeups..

This was a ceiling lamp that looked quite unique. On the 2nd floor (where above and this picture were taken) the beams are all signed by artists that have worked in the studios as well as dignitaries, past presidents and other national artists, some were dated in the 1920's. Some of the beams were pained by members in 1928 which depict events in the club's history. Bear in mind this club was started in 1907! There are six working artist studios on the 3rd floor but you need an appt to see those..

What a nice day we had!! A little laughter, talk, food, art, inspiration and of course just plain, old friendship. Nice memory to have! And I have my blog to remember those memories (just in case I forget!). Tomorrow, I'll post pictures of my great finds I purchased!

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