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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More shibiori and dorm pics

You know how I love to repeat here's my first shibori piece I did using some templates from Callishibori web site. My previous pics didn't show the true color and this one is so much better.
Then I stitched my 2nd piece and finished picking out the threads last night. Here's the finished piece! They are similar but different patterns..I'm really happy with both pieces.
Susan , from my online lino class, gave me some suggestions which I'm going to try on my next piece. One is using a bead on the end so when you tie that last knot it's easier to cut. There's always that chance you're going to cut into the fabric when you cut away your threads (which I've done in the past!). Also, she suggested that you wet your fabric before pulling up your stitches. This was also suggested to me at our fiber group meeting last week and I think this is a great suggestion. The threads do pull easier and I also can see where the white is 'more' white! You can see just a tad difference in these two pics but I think the clarity of the stitching is due to the wet fabric. Both of these pieces are approximately 20" x 18" or close to that.

The next piece I just started stitching on is a tad bigger! It's 40" x 20". I drew a pattern out on paper and now I'm starting to stitch this bugger. It will take some time I'm sure. My marker pen ran out of ink so I only marked the middle. I'm using just a few leaves and more straight lines and curved lines on this one.

Just some more of my stitching and some of the pattern. You might have to click on pic to see any detail.
Kayla sent me pics of her dorm room. She's quite busy but also enjoying college life! So here's here home away from home now!! Interesting how the colleges are utilizing space with putting beds up high! Makes sense!

The quilt I made her is on the futon. Hope she uses it! And not just for decoration! HA


  1. Hi Robbie
    Its Elizabeth from your online lino class here. Susan's suggestions on shibori were so interesting that I just had to have a look at what you were doing!! when you do the stitching for shibori do you pull it up tighter later on, or does the pattern still appear with the stitching as it is in your photos?
    Your pieces are absolutely lovely!!

  2. Such beautiful work! Is your daughter a freshman? Mine's a senior, she graduates in December... the time moves by too quickly!


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