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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shibori Testing

Here's my shibori process that didn't quite work out. I started off with this hand dyed pastel piece (white/blue) which I used for my other shibori pieces (that turned out great!). This isn't the piece I did but just want to show what I started with. My piece is approximately 20" x 40".

Here it is all tied up! This took quite sometime to stitch but was good TV work!
Here it is getting its 'roots' dyed! I used black procion dye...and lots of black!

Here's my finished piece. As we were driving to Ann Arbor this weekend and ladies were looking at my piece...Mary asked what kind of thread I used. I bought some 'button' thread which is quite strong...I thought I was doing good using this...but Mary gave a good opinion that it looked like the threads took the dye..hence, the dye ran in between my stitching which ended up not giving a good contrast. The areas that appear white here are actually gray. So I think Mary hit on something. I just purchased another four spools of this thread but I'm taking it back and sticking with my quilting thread (which is quite strong). Live and learn!

This music clip is for my friend, Karen...It's Cecilla!


  1. 22, 2009 at 9:25 PM

    yes, you cannot underestimate the importance of strong thread in shibori. the second image is quite lovely. i like the paul simon clip-

    once, when i was in mexico, paul simon pulled up to me while walking down a dusty road and asked me for directions! imagine!

  2. I LOVE what happened with this piece! It's dark and mysterious. That's one thing I like about shibori - you never quite know what the shibori god's will give you but it's always something that's pretty darn good!


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