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Saturday, September 26, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NICK! Here's the birthday boy last night at the Red Wings Hockey game his dad took him to. Nick told me this a.m. they left the game at 9:30 and arrived home at 10:14! He's very exact isn't it! Such a doll!!
He got his skateboard along with padding!! Thank goodness!!! I can see broken arms now! Yikes...but grandma's and mum's do worry! We can't help it!
Nick is having his birthday party next weekend and it's a costume party at that! Amber asked if I was busy making any quilts and if not, could I make her American Girl a pumpkin yesterday with my JoAnn coupons in hand I headed to the store. Well, I could find any costume pattern so I got a dress pattern for the American Girl doll and made it into a pumpkin dress! Last night while watching the Tigers I knitted a little hat for her. I just have to finish stitching the face on the dress and it will be done. I think it turned out ok..let's hope Amber likes it!

I haven't sewn clothing for years! and who knew..they now use 1/4" seam instead of 5/8" like in the old days..or maybe that's just on doll clothes?? I prefer sewing art quilts for sure.

And speaking of quilts...if anyone has a quilt they would like to donate or make to donate to a good cause....Cyndee, from the Lansing area, participates in our MQAI exhibit each year. She does a lot of work with Habitat and is looking for donation quilts to give to the new home owners when they get their house. If you would like to donate check out Cyndee's blog and get in touch with her.
Rainy today and of course, headache day! Go figure! I'll clean today so I can play the rest of the week!

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