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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just another Wednesday

Did some more sewing yesterday (surprise!) and finished up a stencil/rubbing piece. I added some beads last night (while watching Tigers lose big time!).

Here's finished piece...the small circle on the right was filled in last night. I used some rubbings and a stencil from Tim Holtz along with the oil pastel paintstiks. I've been using these paintstiks and oil paste crayons for years. You can make a piece rather quickly and they do make a nice hostess gift.
Closeup of one area. This was using a rubbing plate.
and here's the beading I added to fill in the empty space. Boy, I sure need to do something about the color with my camera. I tried taking this without flash and it was really dark...flash just made it too bright..but at least I can see what I did - have to have those pics for in the nursing home!

Mandy is still going to Hospice and she did really well again on Monday. Funny, if I take her most places, she just drools and drools but when I tell her she's going to "do her job", she just sits in the car very quiet and no drool! Maybe she knows she's going to make folks smile. I just wish Mandy weighed's really hard to keep lifting her up and down...but that's ok...we'll keep doing our 'job' as much as we can.
Our humming birds are on their big trip south! We didn't see any for a few days and they are always at the feeder. Then suddenly, we saw a female. I think she was just stopping on her way south. They have such a long trip it's so hard to believe they can fly that far and make it all the way back to Michigan! Tough little birds!

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