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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shrinky Dink Time

I'm been making some shrinky dink pieces for an upcoming project. Fun to do. In fact, Nick just loves to make these. I'm sure Darrin and Kris would prefer not to, so they don't have little pieces of plastic around the house!
First I sanded and stamped a piece of the shrinky dink material (you can buy at any craft store).
I colored in her eyes and lips using a permanent marker. You just need to be sure to color on the sanded side. Ask me how I know! Duh! I had to redo...
You cut out your shape and bake in the oven (takes too much time for me!) or use the heat gun, which I prefer. I love watching the pieces shrink!
Here's a video clip of the pieces being shrunk. For those who aren't familiar with Shrinky Dink you can see why kids love this! Actually, I think it's kinda fun too..I just have to have a reason to do it! You can also see my better half passing by in the background! We're downstairs in our work room(s).

Here's the finished shrunk piece.

And some more of her friends!

I'm also working on another 'Inspired by the Masters' piece. I made some sample pieces over the weekend and I'll show the progress of that piece tomorrow. Not sure it will turn out as I'm hoping but if not, I can use the piece somewhere! Let's hope!


  1. Can't wait to see where the shrinky-dinks go!

  2. I love shrinky dink, too. It is one of the best kept secret supplies, don't you thing?


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