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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday already!

I can't believe I haven't posted since Monday! That's not like me at all...not sure what I've done this week. Visited with my friend Mary and her great grand daughter on Tues. , ran some errands and went to funeral home for my DIL's grandma on Wed. Today, I didn't do much..had bad migraine this a.m. and couldn't even stand up until after 11. Better now but still have a slight headache. So I'll be a couch potato the rest of the evening. I did get 3 loads of laundry done but that was about it.

Artwork wise, I finished stitching a smaller piece (11 1/2" x 12") with strips and then I dyed it with thickened dyes. I really love the colors in this piece and can't wait to put the facing on and start some embellishment with beads and fibers.

I started beading my Frankenthaler piece. I'm using bugle beads and creating a waterfall effect down each colorway of the piece. I think this is turning out to be one of m favorites of my Inspired by the Masters. Plus, it's good TV work too!

I won't be posting until Monday as my friend, Carol, and I are going to a workshop in Ann Arbor with Ilze Aviks this weekend. We're leaving Friday and staying over so we can eat, talk, eat somemore and of course, have a glass of wine or two! The workshop is called The Expressive Hand-stitch and I'm hoping to learn lots of new techniques using hand stitching. I love any hand work whether it's stitching, beading , putting on facing or binding on quilts. It's relaxing to me so I know (or I'm hoping!) the workshop will be the same way. We'll also be working with dye crayons and collage along with the hand stitching.
So until Monday, enjoy the weekend.

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