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Monday, October 5, 2009

DNA and other stuff

Back in 2006, I was invited along with 30 other artists from the area to create a piece of art work for the Genome Project. Our art work was going to be on display at The Whiting in conjunction with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange when they presented the "Ferocious Beauty: Genome" dance program. Seven of us are friends and we were each 'assigned' a particular section of DNA/Genome. I was given Chromatin Fiber and here's my piece. It's 20" x 24" and the circles were from fabric I had screen printed. Only problem, I ran out so I scanned in a piece of the fabric and printed it out! What would we do without our computers/scanners/printers! I hand dyed the cording and filled the cirles with beads, which were glued down.

Here's a closup of the piece. You know, I've never lost a bead yet!
Anyway, my friend, Karen, was over today and we were taking pictures of her DNA quilt she made. So I thought I'd post my DNA/chromatin fiber piece. Funny, you never would think DNA would make an art quilt!

On another note.....I use the expression 'my dance card is filling up' or 'put me on your dance card'. I visit Life at Willow Manor and saw on her blog today she's giving an explanation of what a 'dance card' is! I thought I was the only one who still used this saying! I always have to explain it to my friends or family that ask! So for those who never wanted to ask me here's an explanation!
And on a sad note, my DIL's grandma, Eileen, passed today. Eileen was a sweetheart and I'm glad I got to visit her two weeks ago. I always had a soft spot for Eileen....she was always so sweet and gentle. She's at peace now and I'm sure enjoying the company in heaven with her other family and friends. We'll miss you but you'll always be in our thoughts!

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