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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mid Week

Not sure what all I've been doing this week...seems like nothing but I'm busy...hmmmmmmmm Beading on my Frankenthaler...I did rip out some beading because I didn't like the color of the beads on the background...sure does take time to bead but it is relaxing.

I did make a fiber post card to thank Kathy and Don for the wood blocks. I wanted something not too girlie and simple.
And I did use my 'stamp' from Ruthie Powers on the back. I have an idea for this stamp but I want to check with Ruthie to make sure it's ok. More on that later.
And I did print with my wood stamps! This is the letter 'E'! Feel like I'm on Sesame street! I'm going to wash out this piece today. I do love those stamps.
Weather has been wet and dry, sunny and dark..typical fall days but at least no snow or freezing cold. Temps have been in the mid to high 50's and even low 60's a few days.

Kids and I will go to the library today (we're going every two weeks now) and I know they enjoy that. My friend, Carol, who works at Borders, recommended this book for my grandson. It's by Tedd Arnold. I picked it up at the library and he thought it was great! We read the book 3 times before his dad got home then Nick had Darrin read it twice! After dinner last week, Nick took the book across the street for his friend to read. As I was leaving, his friend, Nick and his friend's mom were sitting on the front steps of their house reading this book. It's a must for kids starting to read. There is a sequel call 'More Parts'. I've been trying to get my computer cleaned up and pics organized. I usually do a pretty good job of it but noticed that I have lots of pics that can be deleted. So cleanup time! Plus, I like to get files organized to take to Florida. Enough of to do some work.

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