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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fish and Chips?

In Florida, one of our favorite restaurants is Stumpknocker's and I always get their deep fried shrimp which is wonderful and Bob loves their catfish. We just haven't found a restaurant in Michigan that has good deep fried, not breaded, shrimp. So Bob and I decided to go out to dinner (we eat early!) at one of our favorite fish restaurants, O'Malley's Galley with fish in mind. We just love their fish and chips.

But when I started looking at their menu, I noticed a shrimp basket with beer battered shrimp! I mentioned to Bob they had beer battered shrimp and so we both ordered shrimp for dinner. Well, it was FANTASTIC! We've been eating at O'Malley's for years! and never ordered their shrimp but we sure will now! The batter isn't as thin as the batter at Stumpknockers but it was great! Funny, how we just never thought to look further then the fish on their menu.

I did finish my big project on the computer which now allows me time to get back to sewing! I sewed on more beads this afternoon on Frankenthaler so I felt a little productive. Funny, how if I'm not sewing I just feel like I'm wasting time.
Today was the first time in over a week I didn't have a full blown sinus was mild this a.m. and after 'drugs' not too bad. Mary and I went yesterday to take down the Inspired by the Masters exhibit and then to lunch. I had a headache yesterday but it didn't stop me from enjoying a nice lunch out with Mary and her great grand daughter, Carmella. She is a sweetheart and really smart! I attribute that to Mary and her teaching Carmella.
So now to go downstairs and do some playing. I did wash out the one piece I stamped with the Letter 'E'. I'm thinking it will be a good journal piece to bead for the month of Nov. 2010. 'E' will stand for the 11th month! OK, that's stretching it a bit but I thought I'd add some type of 'nature' stamping, quilting or something on it as well. I'm sticking with the theme of 'Art of nature' for my bead journals/BJP 2010.
Very windy today and mist although the temp was 60 when we drove to dinner...more wind tomorrow which is Halloween. Just hope it doesn't rain on the kids for Trick or Treating!

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