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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mid Week

Last night at our fiber guild meeting we did some more surface design techniques using an article in the current issue of Quilting Arts magazine as our inspiration. Actually, my friend was suppose to being doing the technique this month but due to a back injury she wasn't able to make it. Hope you're feeling better, Karen!! Anyway, I did the technique for her with assistance from my friend Carol,who had to read the steps to me, along with the rest of the ladies.

Basically, it was monprinting or collagraph printing (which was what the article called this process). We created some type of collage on foam or using sticky foam pieces on Plexiglas and then applied paint to this collagraph plate; misted the paint; placed our dry fabric on top of the plate; misted the fabric and rubbed the raised foam areas to pick up the paint. Here are some of my results using some of my hand dyed fabric and also pieces from our technique last month.

Some of the pieces came out really nice and will make good journal background fabrics. The white piece is a piece of paper towel Joetta suggested I use to make a ghost print.

And this is my finished October art of nature journal piece. I'm happy with the way it turned out. The fabric was from our fiber meeting last month when we did the gelatin printing. I have two more pieces left that I'm going to work on hopefully while in Florida. I would like to somehow use the pieces together as a triptych. This is a shot of our tree in the front yard (facing the street). Thought our Florida friends would like to see a picture of fall. Some trees and shrubs in Ocala do change but not the same as here. I've been taking pics of this tree and another one every day for the past few days. Can't wait to put them together for a picture.
Wed. Amber made a great dinner for us! Chicken enchilada's! YUM! She did a great job and I was so wrapped up in watching her make the dinner I forgot to take pics. I did finally remember at dinner so I snapped this shot of the kids eating.

Today is our set up for the library book sale. That usually takes sometime to get all the books and tables set up. Tomorrow is the big sale and I hope we make some money. I'm starting to feel better. Dr. seems to think it could be meds I'm on or just a normal 'flare up' of RA. I'm still better off then a lot of people so I'm trying to ignore it and keep on truck'in! Have too much art work left in me to I better get off the computer and get busy before I have to leave for the day!

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  1. was the monoprinting fun? I've done it for years on paper, only recently started trying it with fabrics.

    And ohhh the fall color! :D


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