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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wed. work

Filling in my BJP slowly but surely...I know you're getting tired of seeing this piece but too bad. You don't have to look and it's my blog, right! I just like to document my progress so when I get to the nursing home I'll have something to look at! I was going to start on the blue just for a change but I was too lazy to get up while watching the Tigers last just grabbed my green beads and kept at it! The filled in area took me the entire time watching the game last night!! Can't believe how long some beading takes...but I still love beading! Looks like I have about another 3 hours before that small area is filled in! Then one more green filled in area left to do. THEN I start on the blue beads! Yea!

Today I sandwiched and started quilting Kris' table runner so here's a shot of it in progress. I haven't buried some of the threads in case you're looking closely!
Kids are up north and I know she's not reading my blog until this weekend. I should have the quilting finished tomorrow and hopefully get the binding on Friday to sew at night then give it to her on Sat. I'm picking up the grand kids and taking them to WoJo's, a local garden center, for their bean mosaic art workshop on Sat. They have free programs for the kids monthly so I signed up Nick and Amber.

And what a surprise! I was looking at my 'dashboard' on blogger catching up on other blogs and saw this post on Cyndi's blog, Beading Arts. How cool is that! I've purchased/downloaded Cyndi's ebooks on beading and picked up some good tips. Check out her web site here to see some very cool pieces she's made.

Well, Tigers are on and beading calls!


  1. Haha! You're famous!!! And I am not surprised! I haven't seen those two pieces yet (April Showers and May Flowers), does this mean I need to go back to the beginning of your blog and work forward?! They're awesome!

  2. Your beading is awesome! And I like the table runner -- those colors look so good together.

  3. I like seeing the progress and I love the nursing home comment! This is so pretty - the green looks gorgeous against the fabric. Great work!


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