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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kids are the most fun

Yep, our kids (young and old!) add so much to our lives, don't they! Today I met my son at one of our local nursery's for a bean art mosaic picture the grand kids did. The nursery has different craft days for kids and adults each month which is really nice. I wasn't sure if Nick would want to do a 'craft' because he has told me before he doesn't do crafts because "he doesn't like to sit still that long". Well, he did a great job and was very methodical on the placing of his beans. Amber had fun as well and I think their end results were cute!
Nick did the pumpkin and Amber the acorn.

Next we had some lunch then off to meet my son and coaches for Nick's 'flag football' practice. It was so cute watching the little one go through their routines! What a hoot!! Here's dad and son throwing the football before the start of practice. Warms my heart!!!

Can't tell if Nick's hands are cold or he's just anxious to get the ball. Here they are doing warm up exercises.

And my DIL had the table runner on her dining room table. It does look nice and matches the black frame picture and other colors in the room. Whew! Kris said she wants to get a different bowl (stainless steel for example) but I think this one looks quite nice too.

Yesterday I took Carmella her BD present. Here is Homer helping her open her book.
And her polar bear pillow which Carmella named, Sparkle! How cute is she! Amber wanted to know if Carmella got her polar bear since she found it! I was hunting for a polar bear to give Carmella to go with her book but wasn't having much luck. But my sweet pea found the perfect polar bear!
So now to finish clearing off my computer desk and all my 'to do' lists. Some of the pictures in this post are really out of sync but it is what it is..I'm not taking more time to move them around.

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