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Friday, September 3, 2010

A few pieces to give

I made this fiber post card last weekend to send to a new 'blogger friend', Penny from Art Journey to thank her for the cool fibers she sent me. I stamped some tissue paper with my button lady stamp then I painted a piece of the sticky back canvas with some Liquitex soft body acrylic paints. While the canvas was still wet, I laid the stamped tissue paper on top and used Liquitex matte gel medium to adhere the tissue paper on top of the wet canvas, just painting it on top of both (canvas and tissue). I quilted my background fabric then attached the stamped canvas; added a button and finished the edges with beads. The postal lady was afraid the button would come off but it didn't!

And I finished my DIL's table runner ahead of schedule. It's shown on our table and if Kris doesn't like the colors I'll keep it! The colors are perfect for our table and looks really good under my clay bowl!
Yesterday while doing some laundry I stayed in my sewing room until the quilting was finished. Laundry breaks are good when you're doing free motion quilting or sewing of any kind! Gets you up and away from the machine. I added the binding and got most of it sewn while watching a movie on Netflex. Lindsay, from Mythical Antiquity, was also looking at getting Netflex for those times when you're working away at your art. I love, love Netflex! I probably listen more then watch but it's great and cheaper than cable! By the way, check out Lindsay's blog! This young lady does BEAUTIFUL beading!! And I do mean beautiful beading! She finished a cuff called Snow White which incorporates beading and embroidery!
Later today I'm heading over to my friend Mary's house to take a BD gift for her great, grand daughter, Carmella. She turns 4 on the 4th! I bought her a cute book, Box of Tricks by Katie Cleminson. Of course I had to make Carmella her own 'box of tricks' and inside I put a Polar Bear pillow pet! The book is about a girl who uses magic to have animals appear and she get a huge polar bear! Carmella's bear isn't that big but I think she'll like it just the same. He's so cuddly and opens up into a pillow!

Here's the box I decorated for Carmella. I just painted over a box I received in the mail then stamped and stenciled it. Figure Carmella can paint or draw on her 'magic box' too!

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  1. Lots of different creative activities in this post, all quite wonderful. I'm sure your DIL will love the table runner, it is gorgeous. And the child will be so thrilled with your gifts, wow, I'd be.

    I too am a netflix lover. We don't have cable or tv out here and don't subscribe to a satellite service so netflix is my only option. I have only recently begun taking advantage of the online movies and will probably do more of that this winter. Nice post, Robbie.


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