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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yep, another BD today. This is our DIL, MaryJo, Kayla and Ian's mom!! Have a great day, MJ!!!!! We're there in spirit (as we are throughout the year!). Kids live in Indiana and we don't get down their way much at all which is sad. I sent MJ her BD gift last week, one present was her Starbuck's card! We do love our Starbucks and now she can enjoy a cup of 'joe' without the guilt!! Enjoy!!!

I love MJ's smile on this picture! We met the kids in Florida last winter on their spring break and took pictures by the water. It was SO windy that day and trying to take a group photo which was funny in itself, just led to lots of can see my post on our visit here.

Again, Happy Birthday, MJ!!

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