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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just being busy...

Mandy watching her 'dog friends'

Cody (far left) & Logan! He's new to the family next door. He's a Labordoddle!
Speaking of 'doodles' have to put down the glass of wine (ok, or whatever!) and rotate your head to the right..I forgot to rotate this pic. This is the small canvas piece I'm doodling on. I still have lots of areas to fill in...just whenever!

I also updated Ian's stats for Cross Country on my widget. This article was in the local paper & I removed all the kids last names for 'security sake':

Andrew W. came in 13th with a time of 18:20, while Brett M. was 17th (18:43) and freshman Ian P. rounded out the scoring for the Jackets with a 20th-place finish in 18:51. This was Ian's best time (grandma added note!).

“Ian continues to run better with each race,” said Jones. “He and Blake, the two freshmen, are getting better and better and we’re starting to see that time gap between the top five or six get a little closer.”

You go IAN!!! You're doing just great!!!

Next is update on Nick's Flag Football..these are clips for the family from last night. Darrin was out of town so he didn't get to see Nick play in their scrimmage, which Nick's team won!

Nick is wearing a red top and bottom. I don't remember now which video is which..but he's hiking the ball in one, catching the ball and then running with the ball.


  1. It is good to see Mandy without the doomed collar on.....I am hoping everything healed properly and that pup is back to full speed!
    Like the canvas you're working on---though it works sideways too, which means the design is good! I can't rotate my poor head this morning! LOL!


  2. Mandy must have just gotten a haircut. Love her bows...


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