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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Over

In between my busy weekend, I did a doodle. I'm playing with doodling on a hard canvas board which is only 5" x 7". I have larger sizes that I want to do a lot of doodling on so now I have a feel for which pen(s) work best.

These are some pictures from the MQAI exhibit - South of the Border which opened on Friday. The director of the art council said there were at least 750 people who attened the opening!! You can see more pics from the show on our SAQA Michigan blog. I'll be posting again later today with more pics on that site.

Mary, Marty and her marbling fabrics, Scrap Happy (Mary Bajcz and Cindy Geist) and Masquerade hand crafted artwear by Lynn Hartley did some vending! Yep, I did pick up a few items!
These are Mary's beautiful scarves on the wall and her daughter (face hidden!) who helped vend since Mary and Marty are curators of the show.

Of course there was lots of food!! But four of us, including LoisAnn, who surprised us by flying in from Italy, ate at a local restaurant before the opening! We were so shocked to see LA so she got us again! We'll just start planning on her coming back for each opening!! LA does beautiful work!!!

So now to get ready for a busy week as I'd like to finish up my BJP from August!! Bugs me to be behind and I'm anticipating being more behind after Bob's surgery..but I'm only letting myself down so it's not as bad as not meeting target dates for someone else.

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