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Monday, September 27, 2010

More gifts

Gifts come in many forms, don't they. Yesterday I met my friend, Mary, at the Farmer's Market in Grand Blanc. This seems to be a weekly event for us, unless the weather is extremely bad! I'm a fair weather farmer's market gal! This pic just shows some of my 'buys' from that trip. Drizzles of rain were starting to fall along with the wind yesterday so our marketing was quick. I also picked up a great cherry pie for Bob and I..yum..I made roasted Leek potato soup that our friend Carol T. put us onto (hence, my leeks aren't in the picture - at this point they were in the oven!) and a Massaged (yep, that's right!) Kale and Mango salad that Mary gave me. Surprisingly, this salad was really good. Bob loved the meal but now he wants my 'famous' cheese chowder soup, which I haven't made in so long..wonder why? Lots of fat! Maybe when Bob's surgery is over I'll treat him.
So another gift I had was watching Nick's flag football game on Sat. Time with family is a gift we take for granted. Must be a 'getting to be old' thing, nevertheless, I feel it's a gift.
Nick and his team were also given a gift by Mike Lodish a fromer NFL player who came to talk to the kids and show them one of his two Super Bowl rings! This might not mean much to the kids today but years from now one of them will remember this visit.

This is Nick's team (Nick is 2nd from the right of Mike).

Nick is on the far right in the back. The little guy up front holding the football in front of Nick is so cute. His mom says he sleeps, eats and lives for sports. He wakes up in the a.m. asking where his mouth guard is! What a hoot these little ones are!
Now for a few more gifts!! These are two gifts I won via the blog! You can read Susan's post here on this giveaway. This is a pair of Gingher scissors I won from Susan Brubaker Knapp's, Blue Moon River Blog. Susan wrote the book Applique Petal Party and of course is well known in the quilting world. Thanks, Susan!!
So my next gift is from Kate at Kate Boyan's Gallery. This is Kate's book, The Blue Bead.
I've posted about Kate and this same book talking about her beautiful bead work. I purchased this book a few months ago and read it to the kids when we had 'date night'. The kids loved the story and were even intrigued by the beading. Kate created a beaded piece for each journal page in the book and her pieces are spectacular. One of Nick's comments were "grandma, it probably took that lady a day to make one of these" (referring to one of the beaded pieces). I told Nick I'm sure it took her more than a day! The story is about a bead given as a gift and its travel from years ago to the present day gift. This is a really nice book for both the story and the eye candy. So thanks, Kate!!! This will make a nice gift for me to give! Kate was so kind she actually gave each of us a copy that entered a comment!! How sweet is that! I did make a fiber postcard thank you and mailed to Kate. Make sure you check out Kate's beading!

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  1. I feel like my little quilt postcard is a wonderful gift! Kate


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