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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of School

1st day of school!

Yep, he's excited to be starting 2nd grade..ok, maybe just a little.
I know Amber was excited to see her friends and start school and 5th grade! Hard to believe...
I keep forgetting to take pics of two watercolor postcards I rec'd from my friends, Carol T. and Mary. I'll make sure to take pics of these works of art and post on Wed. Tomorrow we hang the quilts for the South of the Border exhibit. There are 60 art quilts (20" x 24") to hang and it should be a great exhibit as usual. If you're in the area, Flint, Michigan, make sure to stop by the Greater Flint Art Council to see our exhibit. It will be on display until the 1st week in Oct.

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