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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BJP August

This 17th century embroidery piece was the inspiration for my August BJP (yes, August, I'm one month behind). Because it's August, I wanted it to be HOT so I changed from my first choice of colors.
My finished BJP for August
Hot, Hot, Hot Summer
I added beading on the edges (as I have with each of my BJP's this year) but I changed from pale peach to yellow to mid orange. You can click on each picture to see more detail of beading and quilting.

Now to work on my Sept. BJP! Today I'm picking up kids from school, we'll have dinner ready for mom and then off to Nick's 1st Flag Football scrimmage then home by 8 to watch Survivor!! Love that show!


  1. Your bead work is always so skilled and wonderful and this interpretation is more evidence of that. Nice work Robbie! Love these colors.

  2. Robbie, it is absolutely glorious! I love how you translated the embroidery pattern into beads :-)

  3. It definitely says August, and it's perfectly executed!

  4. Hot, hot, hot is RIGHT!!! Wow, Robbie, this is fabulous! I love seeing the details when I click to enlarge the detail pictures. Your work is so exact, and yet has none of that over-controlled feeling to it. The design and the way you do it both flow so beautifully. Color choices? OMG... I love your colors! Question... how did you do the stem and the slight puffyness of the leaves? I know several ways to achieve that look, and am wondering which you used. Bravo!!!

    Robin A.

    PS My captch letters are: obessess... interesting, huh!

  5. A lovely composition and interpretation.

  6. Robin, to answer your questions: for the stem I stitch a base row of seed beads down the entire stem; then place enough beads that cover the base row (left to right), continue filling in the base row. Sometimes I'll use a #6 or #8 bead for my base row, as I did on this piece, if the area I'm covering is wider than the width of 5 or 6 seed beads. As far as the leaves, I use Delica's for the fish bone (think that's what's it's called!) stitch. Just the way the beads lay gives that puff. Hope this answers your questions! I'll post some of the stitches I use sometime.

  7. This is beautiful! Hot, hot, hot colors -- I love them. Its perfect!

  8. Oh my! Not sure how I've missed your BJP, but these are I'm off to go look at your other ones!


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