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Thursday, September 23, 2010

More gifts!

This past Monday our friend, LA who is visiting from Italy, spent the afternoon with our Aussome fiber group. LA is a fantastic artist and her quilting designs and workmanship are wonderful. While in Italy, LA has been working on one of her loves which is watercolor drawings.
I'm showing some of the cards LA let us pick out of her collection. These are the 3 I chose. Look at this one too....
And I love this one!!!
LA had her original drawings printed on cards while she was in Ontario visiting her parents. The printer did a great job on the color and the paper stock he used. She is going to be selling her art work and I'm really excited for her. LA is leaving for Italy next week and it's so good she's enjoys working on her art while in Europe. She said she'll be sitting waiting for the bus and will sketch out a drawing! What talent!!! And she's also a runner!! She has a marathon coming up in Amsterdam next month!

So another gift I received this past daughter, Dawn, made homemade salsa and tomato sauce!!! YUM!!!! You have to read the top labels to see the different types of salsa. I just might have to take a jar of each to Florida with us. Dawn is a good cook and she's been working on canning the past few weekends. Isn't she a good 'Betty Crocker' for being such a business professional!
The last gift, so to speak, is our gift to each's a new plasma TV...the following pics are actually after Bob had picked up all the wires...
This is the console Bob put together and the TV on the right is no longer at our house. Bob gave it to a friend and I hope they are enjoying it.
More wires...and these are cleaned up! Ha Now we're in the process of looking up the DVD, CD, receiver to the new TV. Thank goodness Bob is good at mechanical things.The new TV is big (65"!) but it doesn't look as overwhelming as I thought and interest free for 3 years! I'll post pic once everything is in 'order'.
It was really fun to watch Survivor on it last night!! I didn't realize how blue the water was or how dirty the people really are! UGH..between not having coffee or a bath/shower, I wouldn't make it on Survivor..ok, even if I had coffee and a bath I still couldn't make it!

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  1. Your art pieces are lovely, your friend does good work. they could be fabric prints. Great canning stuff! We are still hoping for some red tomatoes but time is running out. Your house is so clean even when it is messy! Enjoy that new TV. I used to want to be on Survivor but I couldn't eat that food.


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